Walking is the oldest and simplest form of transportation. We all do it everyday as all trips start and finish on foot. We could also benefit by adding more walking to our daily lives as walking is good for your health and the air we breathe.

Walking has benefits for everyone, including:

  • Improving health – Walking promotes healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity. Walking also helps reduce stress and the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • Saving money – Walking is a free and affordable way to get around, and you can save on gas.
  • Reducing air pollution – Walking is a non-polluting and no greenhouse gas emissions are produced while walking.


Improving communities – Walking builds a sense of place and improves social relationships as people who walk know their neighbours and their community. Walking is also good for our local economy by supporting local shops and businesses.


Make it a part of your daily routine

Why not take advantage of these benefits by walking more in your daily routine. Get out and explore your local neighbourhood, parks and trails – they all provide ideal places to walk throughout the day and in the evenings. You can incorporate some of your daily errands into a walk, or walk to your local supermarket. You can also walk as part of your commute to and from work. And you can fit it in during a day at the office by walking to meetings or going for a lunchtime stroll.


To get health benefits from walking, you only need to walk for 30 minutes, five days a week. To read more about how to increase your physical activity levels, visit the Vaughan Active Together website.


Walking for Recreation

Vaughan is definitely best seen on foot. Explore your local trails, parks, conservation areas, woodlots and nature reserves.


To read more and view local maps, visit the City of Vaughan’s Parks and Trails website.


Pedestrian Safety

We are all pedestrians and everyone needs to take care on the road to ensure our safety. As a pedestrian, you should:

  • Cross at marked crosswalks or traffic lights, not in the middle of the block or between parked cars.
  • Make sure drivers see you before you cross
  • Cross when traffic has come to a complete stop
  • Cross at the beginning of a green light, not once the “Don't Walk” signal begins to flash or once the light has turned to yellow
  • Never cross on a red light
  • Watch for traffic turning at intersections, or entering and leaving driveways
  • Wear bright or light-coloured clothing or reflective strips, when walking in dusk or darkness


Contact Us

To report damaged sidewalks or curbs for repair, contact:

Public Works Department

Tel: 905-832-8562

Email: works@vaughan.ca


To request new sidewalks or curb ramps, contact:

Infrastructure Delivery Department

Tel: 905-832-8525

Email: eng@vaughan.ca


To report problems with traffic signals and/or streetlighting, contact:

Public Works Department

Tel: 905-832-8562

Email: works@vaughan.ca


Most traffic signals are maintained by York Region. If you need additional information, or have comments and concerns, please contact York Region by using their online Traffic Contact Form.


To report damages to trails and walkways in parks, contact:

Parks and Forestry Department

Tel: 905-832-8577

Vandalism Hotline: 905-879-4357

After Hours Hotline: 905-832-2281 “Press 0”

Email: parks@vaughan.ca


For more information on off-road pathways or trails, including new construction, contact:

Parks Development

Tel: 905-303-2069 ext. 8058

Email: parksdevelopment@vaughan.ca