Rutherford and Maple GO Mobility On-Request Pilot Project Background

The Mobility On-Request pilot provides a unique opportunity for citizens to test new ways to get to the GO train without having to drive and look for a parking spot.

The Mobility On-Request pilot program will also help the City, YRT and Metrolinx to:


  • understand how Vaughan residents travel.
  • determine how the City can encourage alternative commuting options outside of the traditional single-occupant vehicle.
  • provide an economical means to create new transportation options for commuters who use Rutherford and Maple GO stations and only need to travel a short distance to reach the station.
  • test the potential demand for providing the Mobility On-Request service on a permanent basis.
  • encourage commuters to begin using public transit once again as pandemic restrictions lift and people begin to return to the office on a more permanent basis.
  • understand the potential economic and environmental benefits of adding new options for reaching the GO station, such as reduced congestion, decreased travel time and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Funding for this pilot program is supported by a grant from the Green Municipal Fund, a program delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.