Current Ward Boundaries

Wards are geographic sections of the city, and Vaughan has five. Citizens living in the wards each elect one Local Councillor. Most cities elect Councillors from wards. Some communities elect Councillors from across the city (at-large). Vaughan’s system of representation consists of a nine-member Council, composed of the Mayor as the Head of Council, three Local and Regional Councillors (elected at-large) and five Local Councillors (each representing one ward). Based on a decision made by York Regional Council, Vaughan will elect a fourth Regional Councillor in the 2022 municipal election.

Vaughan’s current five wards have been in place without significant change since 2009. This Ward Boundary Review is limited to consideration of the five ward boundaries and will not affect positions for Mayor and Regional Councillors. The review is not considering changes to the number of City Councillors.


Watch a video that explains ward boundaries and the review process.


Vaughan's current ward boundary map


Ward map of Vaughan



View a larger ward boundary map (PDF)