City of Vaughan Official Plan Review

Vaughan is growing and evolving – what kind of city do you want Vaughan to be in 30 years?

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The current Vaughan Official Plan 2010 contains a vision for the future that stresses responsible governance, sustainable planning, economic leadership, transparency, accountability and inclusivity. This vision has guided Vaughan’s growth and development over the past decade.


The City of Vaughan has been working towards updating the City’s Official Plan through the Official Plan Review process to better meet the needs of current and future residents, businesses and those who visit Vaughan. The review process is rooted in environmental sustainability, social responsibility and economic development to plan for complete communities and guide the city’s growth for the next 30 years and beyond. 


Review the Policy Directions Report released as part of the Official Plan Review

The City of Vaughan has released the Policy Directions Report as part of the Official Plan Review. The Policy Directions Report presents key policy directions organized by theme, as well as a summary of existing policies, a conformity analysis with Regional and Provincial policies, and a detailed breakdown of future policy directions. The Policy Directions Report will be used to inform the development of policies for the updated Official Plan. The Policy Directions Report is linked below.


Policy Directions Report (PDF)


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