Municipal Energy Plan - Project Updates

The City’s Municipal Energy Plan Revision has five phases:

Phase One: Situational analysis and data collection (2021 - COMPLETE)

A review of relevant policies, plans and local context was conducted and data was collected to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions baseline and a business-as-planned scenario.

You can review additional information about Vaughan's greenhouse gas emissions baseline by reviewing this document.


Phase Two: Baseline year and business-as-planned model (early 2022 - COMPLETE)

Using the baseline 2016 data collected during Phase One, a business-as-planned scenario will be built to estimate energy use and emissions out to 2050. This scenario assumes no additional actions are taken to mitigate climate change beyond currently approved policies and plans that impact energy and emissions.


Phase Three: Low-carbon action development, target-setting and low-carbon scenario (early to mid 2022 - COMPLETE)

Based on local opportunities and constraints, best practices and stakeholder input, low carbon actions and an overall low carbon scenario will be developed and a target will be identified.

Public engagement will begin during this phase. Information will be shared on this page and through the City’s social media channels, so check back often for details on how you can get involved.


Phase Four: Financial analysis (mid 2022 - COMPLETE)

The costs associated with the required capital investments and net costs and/or benefits in the community are projected for the low-carbon scenario.


Phase Five: Implementation guide and final plan (mid 2023)

A final plan and implementation guide will be developed and presented to Vaughan Council for approval.