Planning Application Forms

Planning Application Submission Process

2023 fees are in-effect on February 8, 2023

The City of Vaughan has developed a process that will allow the Development Planning Department to receive and process Development Applications online. Please refer to the following Development Application in-take process:

  1. Ensure that you have gone through the Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) process, including the Pre-Application Submission (PAS)process, and a PAC Agreement (if applicable) has been entered into and submitted prior to the Development Application(s) being submitted.
  2. Certain Development Applications are not required to go through a PAC process. They are as follows: 
    • Draft Plan of (Standard) Condominium
    • Part-lot Control Exemption
    • Street Townhouse Dwellings (fronting onto a Public Road) within an approved Draft Plan of Subdivision or Registered Plan of Subdivision, minor additions to an existing building or site alterations, minor changes to existing or approved building elevations or site plan, and proposals for new signage or changes to existing signage
    • Minor Additions to an Existing Building or Site Alteration
    • Minor Changes to an Existing or Approved Building Elevation or Site Plan
    • New Signage or Changes to Existing Signage

The submission requirements for each of the aforementioned Development Applications are provided in Section 13.3 of the Development Application Form.

  1. Application submissions are being received electronically through the City's Citizen Service Online Portal. For more information on how to set up an account and submit a Development Application using the Citizen Service Online Portal, please refer to the Planning Services Online Portal User Guide.

Applicant must advise the appropriate Planning Technician when they will be submitting the electronic submission(s):


  1. Prior to the electronic application submission, the Applicant must send all digital drawings to for verification. All PDF drawings are to be georeferenced and layered in accordance with GIS Digital Drawing Submission Standards.
  2. In addition to the electronic application submission, the following items are also required to be submitted by the Applicant to the Development Planning Department in coordination with a Planning Technician: 
    • A hard copy of the Development Application Form, to be used for all Planning Act applications. Applicant must ensure that prior to submission, the Development Application Form is fully commissioned with a commissioner’s stamp and signature, and
    • Cheque(s) made payable to the City of Vaughan for the fee amount* associated with the electronic Application submission. To calculate the required fees for a Planning Act application, please use the 2023 Fees Calculator below:

2023 Development Application Fee Calculator

*     Applicant must ensure prior to submission of the cheque, that the calculated fee amount is correct in consultation with a Planner and/or Planning Technician.

The Applicant shall deliver the required Development Application Form along with the cheque(s) as a package to the City Hall Welcome desk located on the main floor. These packages shall be labeled to the attention of the Development Planning Department.

  1. The Applicant shall confirm the Site Plan Application Engineering Review Fee and Grading Inspection Fee with the Development Engineering Department prior to submission of payment to the Development Engineering Department. To calculate the required Engineering Review and Grading Inspection Fees, please visit the Fees and Charges By-law.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Additional individual forms/applications to be submitted with the applicable Development Application are available below:


For information on the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority's (TRCA) permitting process, please visit the following website: