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Since 1988, the City of Vaughan Archives has promoted the preservation, collection, and access to government and community records pertaining to the history and development of the Vaughan we know today. Home to over 600 collections and continuously growing, the main role of the Archives is to manage City records with long-term business value, along with records from the Vaughan community that document its heritage.


Image of Vellore School and Township Hall from 1927

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The City's Archival Collection consisting of both City (business and operational) records and historical (personal, family and community) records pertaining to Vaughan. Records include, but are not limited to the following:

  • City business records with long-term legal and administrative value (i.e., Council Minutes, By-Laws, assessment rolls, financial records, reports, correspondence, etc.)
  • Business, church, community and school records
  • Census records
  • Historic photographs
  • Land records
  • Historical maps, plans and aerials
  • Newspapers
  • Personal papers of residents and families (i.e., diaries, family histories, journals, letters, etc.)
  • Records of local organizations (past and present)


The Archives is also the official repository for the Burwick, Vellore and Maple Women's Institutes, the Vaughan Township Historical Society and the Woodbridge Agricultural Society.



When you donate to the City of Vaughan Archives, your materials become part of the larger Vaughan story. The Vaughan Archives is always looking for donations to add to its existing collection and to preserve the City’s heritage for future generations. The Archives is particularly interested in obtaining photographs, maps, diaries and letters, as well as church, business and organizational records.

Records may be donated, loaned for copying or placed on long-term deposit. Donors will be asked to sign a Gift Agreement, relevant to the materials being transferred to the Archives, which will include terms of ownership, copyright and access. All donated materials will be preserved according to current archival standards, stored in a climate-controlled, secure environment and may undergo conservation treatments to ensure their longevity.

If you are considering donating materials or would like more information on each level of donation, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you! Wherever possible, please do not sort, discard or repair records before the Archives has had an opportunity to view them.


The City of Vaughan has come a long way from its farmland past. Today it is a diverse and growing community that welcomes new residents from around the world. The following pages discuss important events and developments that have helped make Vaughan the city it is today.

History of Vaughan’s five communities:


Vaughan’s history:

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