2014-2018 Service Excellence Strategic Plan

Through the 2014-2018 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan, the City was committed to enhancing the citizen experience and how we deliver services to ensure the entire organization uses a consistent approach to make it easier for you to do business with the City.

The Plan aligned the City’s budget with the priorities and goals of the strategic plan while keeping the tax rate in line with targets set by Council.


The 2014-2018 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategy Map (PDF) was a one-page alignment of people, priorities, processes and technology. It outlined Vaughan’s vision, mission and values. It also identified Council’s priorities for that term of Council as well as the strategic initiatives staff focused on to enable the execution and implementation of projects related to Council’s priorities and commitments to the citizens of Vaughan.




Contact Information

Office of Transformation and Strategy

Vaughan City Hall, Level 400
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1