Sign By-Law Review - Mobile Sign Regulations

​Why are mobile sign regulations being reviewed?


Since the COVID-19 emergency declaration in March of 2020, the City of Vaughan has introduced a number of initiatives to support businesses and individuals, while continuing to also ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public.


With this more recent wave of COVID-19 Omicron variant, the City is now exploring further relief to businesses. One such initiative involves increasing the opportunities for local businesses to advertise. 

What regulations are being discussed?


Staff are proposing to provide relief from one or more of the following Sign By-law provisions:

  1. One mobile sign permitted along each street line of a lot, up to maximum of two mobile signs per lot, provided that the mobile sign does not directly abut a residentially zoned property. if a lot is commercially zoned as c4 or c5, one additional mobile sign shall be permitted along one street frontage provided that there is a minimum of 215 metres between mobile signs located on the same street frontage and provided that no more than three mobile signs shall be permitted on a premises at any one time.
  2. Mobile sign permits issued in time increments of twenty-one (21) days occasions.
  3. Commercial or industrial premises entitled to permits for up to a maximum of four (4) occasions per year, in which each occasion requires a separate permit.
  4. Requirement of a minimum of twenty-one (21) days between the expiry of one permit and the issuance of another on the same lot.


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If you have any questions about the review being undertaken by staff, you may contact Alexandra Scarr, Policy Implementation Specialist, at or (905) 832-2281 ext. 8448.