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Property Tax and Assessment

Property Tax Information

Property taxes are levied and collected by the City in order for the City, the Region of York and all School Boards to deliver services to property owners within the City of Vaughan.

          2015 Final Residential Property Tax Flyer.pdf

          2015 Final Commercial Property Tax Flyer.pdf

          2015 Property Tax Rate Schedule.pdf

          2015 Final Tax Rate By-law 094-2015.pdf

          Interim Tax Bill Information for all Property types

          Payment Options

          Late Payment Charges and Returned Cheques

          Assistance to Elderly Taxpayers

          New Homeowner Alert!

Assessment Information

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) administers a uniform, province-wide property assessment system based on current value assessment in accordance with the provisions of the Assessment Act.

Filing Assessment Appeal Reconsideration Process
Assessment Appeal Process Vacancy Rebate Application Requirements
Municipal Tax Appeal Process Vacancy Rebate Application

For more information about Property Assessment, please visit MPAC's website at http://www.mpac.ca


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Property Tax and Assessment Department


City Hall
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