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Committees and Boards

At the beginning of each term of Council, appointments are made to such advisory committees or other bodies that Council is obliged by law to make. In addition, Council may, at the beginning of each term, or at such times as it considers advisable, make appointments to Ad Hoc Committees it considers are desirable for the effective governance of the City where:

  1. there is an absence of staff capacity or expertise on the subject, or there is a particular community of interest with a unique perspective on the proposed mandate;
  2. there is a need for information gathering and analysis in order to inform subsequent deliberations at a Standing Committee;
  3. it is feasible to define a specific mandate and time frame for the Ad Hoc Committee to conduct its work.

For the list of Statutory Committees, Boards, Ad Hoc Committees, Task Forces and Sub-Committees for the 2014-2018 term of Council [click here].

In accordance with the City of Vaughan Procedure By-law Number 7-2011 [click here] every Ad Hoc Committee must have a Terms of Reference that includes the specific mandate/objectives, a specific term, the specific Standing Committee it will report to after every meeting, the composition of membership of the committee and meeting procedures.

Terms of Reference approved by Council for the Ad Hoc Committees established during the 2014-2018 term of Council [click here].


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