Dumping is not permitted in the City of Vaughan and is enforceable under the Littering and Dumping By-law (No. 3-2004), as amended. Individuals found dumping are subject to a maximum fine of $5,000 per offence.

In order to lodge a formal complaint with respect to dumping, there must be a witness to the dumping. Witnesses are required to provide a "Witness Statement" in order for By-law Officers to lay charges and the witness will be required to testify in Provincial Court.


The witness must be able to provide:

  • a description of the offender (gender, ethnicity, height, weight, facial features, hair colour, etc.) and be able to identify the individual in court;
  • the make, model, colour and licence plate of the vehicle;
  • location of the offence (as much detail as possible);
  • a detailed account of the actions taken by the offender;
  • a description of the item(s) dumped - pictures would be beneficial;
  • a detailed account of any conversation(s) with the offender.




How to register a complaint


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