Diversity and Inclusion

The goal of the City of Vaughan Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is to provide guidance to the City in the development of policies that promote fairness, mutual respect and undoubted sense of inclusion among the diverse individuals, communities and stakeholder groups that compose its population.

This includes exploring how the City of Vaughan can further enhance its governance framework, thereby continuing to empower the Mayor and Members of Council to work closely with citizens, businesses and community stakeholders. The City strives to foster a culture that is inclusive and respectful where all citizens, employees, businesses and visitors are valued. The City is proud to have diverse communities and values the significant contributions they make to the cultural, economic and social achievements of our wonderful civic life.


The task force is made up of Members of Council as well as City staff and members of the public.


Read the Diversity and Inclusion Terms of Reference (PDF).


Council Members



Councillor Carella's

Ward 2 Councillor

Tony Carella



Councillor Shefman's

Ward 5 Councillor

Alan Shefman


If you would like to attend a task force meeting, you can search for a meeting date and time in the Council Meeting Calendar. If you would like to speak on a matter on a task force agenda, you may do so. Learn more about speaking to Council.