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Vaughan Vision 2020

Vaughan Vision 2020, the City of Vaughan's Strategic Plan, sets out a vision and direction for the City. It was developed in 2007 with consultation from Staff and the public and was approved by Council. Over the past 8 years, Council priorities have been reviewed annually with presentations to Council. VV2020 provides a solid foundation for the Corporation and continues to be relevant and critical for the future.

The City of Vaughan has been developing a plan to refresh our strategic planning model and approach to Service Excellence. This plan is the culmination of months of assessing the City’s operations and performance to define a set of priorities that align with Council’s goals and objectives for the 2014-2018 term. The plan also includes the alignment of the City’s three-year budget with the priorities and goals of the strategic plan while keeping the tax rate in line with targets set by Council.

City of Vaughan Service Excellence Strategy Map

The outcome of this work is presented in a Service Excellence Strategy Map (approved by Council on September 30, 2015) that sets the framework for a refreshed Strategic Plan (Vaughan Vision 2020) that enables the City to deliver on the commitments of this Term of Council.

The Service Excellence Strategy Map outlines Vaughan’s vision, mission and values. It also identifies Council’s priorities for this term of Council as well as the Strategic Initiatives that staff will focus on to enable the execution and implementation of projects related to Council’s priorities and commitments to the citizens of Vaughan.

The revisions to the Strategic Plan builds on the momentum to take the City of Vaughan to the next level supported by a solid foundation designed to deliver on the City’s commitments and renew our focus on Service Excellence.

As part of this plan, a number of city-wide service excellence strategic initiatives have been developed to help the City deliver on Council priorities, strategic goals and operational commitments. The plan builds on departmental business plans and work completed to date. It also addresses current challenges and brings focus and alignment among all departments to ensure staff are working together and positioned for success.

The Service Excellence Strategy Map presents the key components of the strategic plan framework. The Strategy Map is a visual depiction of how the city will work together and what the city will do to achieve the vision, Council Priorities, the City’s strategic initiatives and departmental business plans.


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How to Read the Strategy Map

  • The top of the map displays the City of Vaughan’s VV2020, Vision, Mission and Values that describes our purpose
  • Term of Council Priorities are outlined in the second level. These council priorities are supported by a number of initiatives or actions that are incorporated within the departmental business plans
  • The next level of the map describes the City’s long-term strategic goals that include Citizen Experience, Operational Performance and Staff Engagement
  • Six key projects support the strategic goals: Citizen Experience and Service Delivery, End-To-End Citizen Centered Services, Service Delivery Options, Financial Sustainability, Employee Engagement, Corporate Governance and Accountability
  • Each of the six projects are supported by one or two Service Excellence Strategic Initiatives. These initiatives include specific activities that will occur and are documented as part of the broader project charters
  • The bottom layer of the map describes the Departmental Business Plans and is focused on the integration and operationalization of all elements of the strategy map to foster a culture of service excellence. The Term of Council priorities and Service Excellence Strategic Initiatives are carried out through specific actions identified in the departmental business plans located at the foundation of the strategy map.

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Christina Bruce, Senior Manager

Strategic Planning Department

905-832-2281 ext. 8231


Vaughan City Hall
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1


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