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City Budgets


Each year the City of Vaughan passes a budget to determine how funds will be spent. The Finance, Administration and Audit Committee discusses the draft budget and listens to resident input during a series of meetings. After that, it goes to a Special Council Meeting for Council approval.

Watch Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua discuss how the City of Vaughan is demonstrating respect for your hard-earned tax dollars.

How your tax dollars are spent

Your property tax bill is divided between the City of Vaughan, York Region and the Province of Ontario. Here is a breakdown of how the funds are divided:

The portion that goes to Vaughan is used to fund more than 200 City services and programs. This is how your tax dollars are divided among City departments:
  • 25% goes to fire to help keep residents safe
  • 21% goes to Public Works to maintain street and traffic lights, and clear roads during the winter
  • 9% goes to Recreation for swimming, dance and other classes
  • 9% goes to Parks to keep parks and play equipment clean and accessible
  • 5% goes to waste management to collect waste and recycling
Learn more about the budget.

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